Inter-Beers connects craft beer brands with distributors and potential customers worldwide,  through a rapid validation, we detect if there is an acceptance of the product in this new market. The objective is to be able to give these brands an international visibility that contributes to the growth of the business and diversifies the risks involved in producing in a single market, where consumer trends change at breakneck speeds.

We validate the product with real customers to evaluate the acceptance of the market and predict the potencial of the exportation.

We connect the breweries with distributors who suit the necessities of our brands.

We take care of the shipping process between countries managing all the procedures that may exist to ensure a safe travel of the product.



We have always been passionate about the craft world with all it entails, and along with the trips we have made around the world, we have decided to bring together the best of both worlds and become what we are today.

Thanks to this, we now connect different breweries and distributors globally, it has never been so easy. Location is no longer a problem, you can be wherever you want whenever you want. 

We are characterized by our unstoppable character, we never give up. In addition, we always make sure that everything goes well and that our customers are satisfied.

We are not the only ones who believe in the power of craft, of the natural processes, of the handmade product, of the taste, or of uniqueness. Tired of the industrial beers we escape to the fun side, the creative side. The good news is, the craft beer industry is making its way, and creating community in this world mired in globalization and large industries, to bring us an innovative touch.